In 2024, we enter a new royal era, and to mark this historic transition, the beautiful Silver Canadian Maple Leaf containing 1 oz of .9999 fine silver now features the new Canadian effigy of His Majesty King Charles III.


Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin contains 1 troy ounce (31.1 grams) of .9999 fine Silver.
  • 500 coins come in a Mint-Case (Monster Box) which contains 20 Tubes of 25 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coins, for a total Silver weight of 500 Troy Ounces.
  • 36th coin in the 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Series!
  • 1st release with King Charles III on the obverse!
  • The face value of $5 (CAD) is fully backed by the Canadian government.
  • Obverse: The new bust of King Charles III.
  • Reverse: A large, single maple leaf with the weight and purity. A micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark shows a “24” when viewed under magnification.
  • Radial line background was precisely machined by the Royal Canadian Mint onto their master die to create a unique light diffracting pattern, providing another measure of security.


Since the introduction of the Canadian Maple Leaf Series in 1979, only Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has featured on the coins in this collection. With her passing in September 2022, the 2023 release was the last in the series to feature Elizabeth II. With the 2024 release, King Charles III now features on the obverse of the coins for the first time.


On the obverse of each 2024 Canadian SILVER Maple Leaf, you will find the all-new bust of King Charles III. In keeping with coining tradition in Canada, monarch portraits are flipped when a new monarch rises to the throne. As such, Charles III is shown in left-profile relief, compared to the various right-profile effigies of Her Late Majesty throughout her 70-year reign.


The reverse side of 2024 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins comes with a depiction of the iconic Maple Leaf. Canada’s national emblem has been exceptionally depicted here in a natural design by Walter Ott.


The 2024 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf features a new form of security though the Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA program. The Bullion DNA program offers the highest security on the market for any bullion coin. Each bullion coin features a textured maple leaf security privy mark, micro-engraved with laser technology and is visible only under magnification. Etched within the maple leaf security mark are the two digits indicating the coin’s production year. Each micro-engraving is encoded, scanned and recorded at the mint for future authentication giving each coin their unique Bullion DNA.


Bullion DNA authenticates coins by scanning them with a Mint’s proprietary Bullion DNA reader verifying that the micro-engraved security mark is a match to the Royal Canadian Mint’s secure database. This process provides each Silver Maple Leaf coin with the highest security for any coin in the market place. The Royal Canadian Mint’s unique Bullion DNA program authenticates Silver Maple Leaf coins dated 2015 and later.