The 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar coin is a striking blend of artistry and craftsmanship, serving as the third release in the Royal Canadian Mint’s esteemed “Wildlife Series.” Crafted from .9999 pure silver, this coin is not just a collector’s item but a tribute to Canada’s untamed wilderness. Its Brilliant Uncirculated condition ensures that you’re investing in a piece of unmatched quality and significance.


Key Features:

-Composed of .9999 pure silver
-Weighs one troy ounce
-Comes in Brilliant Uncirculated condition ***Please understand that while these are from a strapped Mint Case, it is possible for there to be milk spots due to the vintage of these coins****
-Part of the Royal Canadian Mint’s “Wildlife Series”
-Features a face value of $5 CAD



The Royal Canadian Mint, established in 1908, has a rich history of minting coins with unparalleled purity. This particular coin pays homage to Canada’s wild and untamed landscapes, symbolized by the powerful cougar. The cougar serves as a representation of the untamed territories that make Canada a land of natural wonders, tying in seamlessly with the coin’s high purity level.


The obverse side of the coin captures the essence of the cougar’s raw power. The wild cat is depicted with its front paws on a fallen branch, mouth open wide, showcasing its ferocity. Engravings include the word “Canada” above the cougar and details about the metal, purity, and weight below, emphasizing the coin’s authenticity and value.


The reverse side features Susanna Blunt’s right-profile image of Queen Elizabeth II, designed in 2003. Surrounding the portrait are engravings that include “Elizabeth II,” the face value, and the mint year, adding a royal touch to this already majestic coin.


With its unparalleled purity of .9999 silver, the 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar coin is a tangible tribute to Canada’s untamed wilderness. Every intricate detail, from the cougar’s fierce stance to Queen Elizabeth II’s dignified profile, elevates this coin beyond mere metal—it’s a masterpiece in minting. Seize this chance to invest in a coin where artistry meets authenticity, capturing the essence of Canada’s wild beauty.