These bullion bars are made by Johnson Matthey, a refiner that has been in business since 1817. Originally founded in 1817 by Percival Norton Johnson, a gold assayer, it wasn’t until George Matthey joined the business in 1851 that it became the company the world knows today. They once played a large part in the world bullion markets and later diversified to include many different aspects of metals refining and minting. Renowned the world over for the quality of their products and the reputation that has endured for nearly 200 years, Johnson Matthey is a favourite among bullion dealers and stackers alike.

Johnson Matthey was a worldwide pioneer in refining gained notoriety with their impeccable craftsmanship which remains popular with collectors and investors alike. Each Johnson Matthey bar is made from .9999 fine gold with a weight of 1 troy oz. The 1 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar is sealed in plastic, protecting it from damage.

Johnson Matthey no longer produces these Gold bars, making them rare and highly collectible. These 1 oz Gold bars are an attractive addition to your gold position.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold.
  • Come Sealed in their original protective packaging.
  • Individually Serialized