JBR Recovery Ltd located in West Bromwich, United Kingdom, specializes in silver recovery and precious metal recycling. It is a processor of materials containing silver, gold and other metals. As leading UK experts in precious metal recovery, they are one of only 2 UK companies who are physical suppliers of ‘Good Delivery’ silver to the London Bullion Market. JBR silver bars are .999 Fine and are a convenient way to include bullion in your investment portfolio. Today, 1 Kilo JBR Silver Bars are available to you from Ottawa Bullion.


Bar Highlights:

  • Each bars comes inside a cardboard box
  • Cast silver bars!
  • Brand-new items from JBR Recovery Ltd.!
  • Assigned individual serial numbers!
  • Contains 1 Kilo (32.15 Troy oz) of .999 pure silver.
  • The obverse features the JBR logo with other identifying features.
  • On the reverse is a blank field.


Each bar is in new condition from the mint.

The obverse of the 1 Kilo JBR Silver Bar features the company logo at the top and other identifying features. The JBR logo consists of two concentric circles in an oval shape, with the purity of the bar at the center and the JBR name around it. The bottom of the field has the identifying inscriptions.

On the reverse of 1 Kilo JBR Silver Bars, you will find a blank field. This side of the bar has been left blank on purpose. Both faces of the bar will showcase some natural striations, textures, and other features that result from the cooling and settling of the silver after it has been poured into its prefabricated mold. The inscriptions on the obverse side are stamped incuse into the surface of the bar, setting the text below the surface rather than engraving it onto the surface with 3D relief.