What is a Silver Monster Box?

In the SILVER bullion coin & bar Industry, there is a wide variety of producers. These producers include private refineries, such as The Sunshine Mint & SilverTowne, Asahi and National Mints, such as the Royal Canadian Mint, The American Mint & the Perth Mint of Australia.

While every refinery and mint makes unique silver bullion products, they use a similar packaging standard known as the Monster Box. A silver bullion monster box usually contains 500 troy ounces. This 500 oz weight standard applies to both silver coins & silver bars. For example, The Royal Canadian Mint packs their 1 oz Maple Leaf Silver Coins in Monster Boxes of 500 coins, while packing their Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bars in Monster Boxes of 50 ten ounce RCM silver bars. The 500 troy ounce standard is roughly 35 pounds and, while being heavy, is fairly manageable for most adults to carry.

See a Royal Canadian Mint 10 oz Silver Bar Monster Box Video Below:

What is the advantage of buying a Silver Monster Box?

Generally speaking, there is a substantial discount when buying Silver Bullion Monster Boxes versus smaller units of product. This is because the monster box is how the product is sent out from the Mint / Refinery to the dealer and is considered a larger volume of bullion.

View A Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box In The Video Below:

The wholesale bullion market deals exclusively in this boxed unit due to the following logistical reason:

Monster Boxes arrive from the producer in what is called “mint-strapped” condition. This means that the Mint / refiner will seal the box during production to insure that the dealer knows they are receiving Mint-fresh product. This “straight-from-the-mint” condition is called “Brilliant Uncirculated Condition”.

Where Can I buy Silver Monster Boxes at the lowest price?

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