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Ottawa Bullion is a locally owned and operated dealer of the finest Gold & Silver Bullion Products. We offer a safe and convenient way for our clients across the Greater Ottawa Area to buy bullion coins, rounds, wafers and bars in person. As an official Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer, we’ve got inventory of the most popular physical Silver & Gold products for purchase. Our mission is to provide local precious metal investors a reliable and discreet method of buying gold and silver in Ottawa. Take immediate possession of your bullion while enjoying the most competitive prices. Book Your Appointment Today!


3011, 2023

Chart of the day: The Emotional Inflection Points for SILVER Buyers

What's Interesting about this chart is that our RETAIL sales generally match the inflection points that the author of this chart plotted out. Simply put: Emotion, often driven by dubious narratives, makes some people Buy & Sell Things at the WRONG times. SO where are we NOW ?

2911, 2023

TFMR PODCAST: Is The Precious Metals Train Leaving the Station?

Well, what a day we had today. Great fun seeing all that green. But is that it? Has the proverbial train left the station? Hardly. In fact, it has only just begun to chug forward. So why the continued surge in the Comex PMs? We cover this in today's podcast but here are the stats: 2-year note at 4.75% and down 50 bps from its high of six week ago 10-year note at 4.34% and the lowest yield since September 18 POSX down 40¢ to 102.80, the lowest close since August 11 Where will the PMs and mining shares be in a few months when The Fed has begun to ease and the POSX is under 100? Again...the train has only begun to lurch forward.