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Ottawa Bullion is a locally owned and operated dealer of the finest Gold & Silver Bullion Products. We offer a safe and convenient way for our clients across the Greater Ottawa Area to buy bullion coins, rounds, wafers and bars in person. As an official Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer, we’ve got inventory of the most popular physical Silver & Gold products for purchase. Our mission is to provide local precious metal investors a reliable and discreet method of buying gold and silver in Ottawa. Take immediate possession of your bullion while enjoying the most competitive prices. Book Your Appointment Today!


1406, 2021

ROB KIENTZ Interview: Perth Mint’s annual financial statements show = PerthMint net short on metal & appear to be using client accounts to generate interest income


1006, 2021

Richter: US Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982. It’s “Permanent” not “Temporary,” Won’t Bounce Back

The Consumer Price Index jumped 0.6% in May, after having jumped 0.8% in April, and 0.6% in March – all three the steepest month-to-month jumps since 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics today. For the three months combined, CPI has jumped by 2.0%, or by an “annualized” pace of 8.1%. This current three-month pace of inflation as measured by CPI has nothing to do with the now infamous “Base Effect,” which I discussed in early April in preparation for these crazy times; the Base Effect applies only to year-over-year comparisons. On a year-over-year basis, including the Base Effect, but also including the low readings last fall which reduce the 12-month rate, CPI rose 5.0%, the largest year-over year increase since 2008.

1006, 2021

SRSRocco: United States Imports Nearly One-Third Of Monthly Global Silver Mine Supply

U.S. silver imports remained strong during the first quarter of the year, with March posting the highest monthly volume. Not only did the United States import the most silver in March, it nearly accounted for one-third of estimated monthly global silver mine production. That turns out to be a great deal of silver, especially when comparing it to U.S. gold imports during the same month. Total U.S. silver imports for the first quarter of 2021 equaled 1,560 metric tons, up 41% versus the same quarter last year. In just the first three months of 2021, the U.S. imported over 50 million oz of silver. Now, compare that to the 41 metric tons of U.S. gold imports for the entire quarter… it doesn’t even compare. Moreover, U.S. gold imports for Q1 2021 are 52% less than the same quarter last year.

906, 2021

CHART: reminder of what happened last summer in Comex silver.

As a public service, here's a reminder of what happened last summer in Comex silver.Price was held in check all through June, even while Comex gold was breaking out.But then, once the Jul20 contract was off the board, price surged from $18 to $30 in just 26 trading days. pic.twitter.com/CkIunLiD7s— [...]