Can I come in to buy bullion without setting up an appointment?

NO. Business with OttawaBullion is done STRICTLY through appointments only. There are no exceptions to this. Without an email, chat or telephone response from OttawaBullion staff confirming an appointment, you will not be helped or served.

How do Appointments with OttawaBullion work?

STEP 1. After reviewing the products and prices on the website, proceed to add the desired products and quantities to your cart. At this point you should see an itemized total. Once you are satisfied with your selections, you must now submit an appointment request by clicking ‘BOOK AN APPOINTMENT’.

Here you will be required to enter the day and time you would like to visit us to buy the bullion you added to your cart previously.

STEP 2. Wait for a confirmation email from OttawaBullion confirming the time, date and product selection you made. IMPORTANT: IN ORDER FOR APPOINTMENT TO BE FINALIZED, IT MUST BE CONFIRMED BY OTTAWABULLION.

STEP3. Show up to your confirmed appointment on time and with adequate funds in order to pay for your order. (taking into account that the gold and silver market may fluctuate) Suggestion: Check the website right before leaving to visit with us in order to get a better idea of what the cost will be)

How do I know how much money to bring to my appointment if I don’t know the final price until I arrive?

The easiest way to know how much to bring is to look at the prices right before leaving to visit us for your appointment. Prices can fluctuate every couple of minutes, so make sure to bring more than you think is required. We will round down to the nearest dollar and try to have small amounts of change available, but please try and be prepared with your own change as well.

In cases where you have booked an appointment for a large order and are concerned that market movements could mean a significant change in the price between when you leave and when you arrive at our office, you may consider calling or emailing us in advance. At our discretion, we may be able to lock in your final price and hold it for a maximum of 1 HOUR (60 minutes) before your appointment time. So if your appointment is at 4pm, call any time after 3pm to see if we are able to lock in your final price for you.

How do I know that OttawaBullion won’t try to increase the premiums over the spot price on the product(s) I booked for my appointment before I come in to visit?

Because we operate on a volume basis, it is in our interest to cultivate solid business relationships with as many clients as possible. Having happy, returning customers is our main goal. This being said, the potential benefit of trying to sneakily increase the premiums we charge to make a couple extra bucks is GREATLY outweighed by the potential loss in business down the road and damage to our reputation. We are committed to integrity in all areas of our business and pricing is no exception.

As another level of assurance, OttawaBullion can lock-in the PREMIUM over the spot price that the client sees on the webpage as long as the appointment is less than 24 hours away.  THIS IS NOT LOCKING IN THE FINAL PRICE, THIS IS LOCKING IN THE PREMIUM OVER THE SPOT PRICE. For more info on this and further clarification, please contact us.

Where is your Office located?

We are located at, 343 Preston Street, Suite 1100, Ottawa, K1S1N4. For a detailed map, please click HERE This is the 11th floor of the building. Further information will be provided upon a confirmed Appointment.

REMINDER: OttawaBullion Operates on an Appointment-ONLY Basis.

What is the Parking situation like at this location? Do I have to Pay?

The office building has a section for visiting clients to the building that allows for FREE parking for a 30 min period. This section usually has some free spots available, but is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. To see the location of the FREE parking zone for the building is, please click HERE

What are your office hours? When do you take appointments?

The typical work week is as follows:

Monday -Thursday: 9:30am – 6:00pm

Friday: 9:30am – 6:00pm

* Office Hours Are Subject To Change Without Notice. Please Check the HomePage for the current Day’s Office Hours.*

Do you charge taxes on your bullion?

NO! Pure Silver and Pure Gold Bullion (.995+) are tax exempt in Canada. What you see is what you Pay!

Are there any other Fees that you charge?

NO! What you see (at our office) is what you pay, no catch!

What Payment Methods do you accept?

At this time we ONLY accept CASH in Canadian Dollars & BitCoin.  For More details on Bitcoin , please visit this page HERE

At our Discretion, we may also accept WIRE Transfers for orders in excess of $10,000.00 Conditions Apply so please contact us if your desired order is in excess of $10,000.00 and you would like to request to pay via WIRE Transfer.

My Bank ATM only lets me take out a small amount of cash at any one time, Can I pay you a portion of the amount owed today and the rest the next day?

No. We require payment in full to be remitted at the time of the appointment. Please ensure to arrange your banking affairs prior to your appointment to insure there are no problems gaining access to the cash you need in order to pay for the products you want. Suggestion: Try visiting a physical branch of your bank instead of an ATM, chances are you will be able to take out much more at one time. In cases of large cash withdrawals, your bank may require advance notice.

Do you Issue Receipts?

Yes. We can print you a receipt of sale if required.

How often are you prices updated?

Prices on our products are updated automatically every 1 -5 minutes. Refresh the page to see the latest price.

Are the product prices I see on the website what I will be paying when I come in for my appointment?

The prices you see when looking at the web site are the live prices based on the precious metals markets at that particular moment. The price you are charged at the appointment will be based on the market price at the time of the appointment. For Further clarification on this, please refer to the APPOINTMENTS section of the FAQ.

I am looking for a specific product that you don’t currently feature, is it possible to order it in through you?

Possibly, Yes. Contact us and we will try our best to bring in the product(s) you want at competitive prices.

Do you allow for haggling or bargaining and do you accept offers for your products?

No. Our pricing is as competitive as we can make it. If you look at a product’s page, you will see a single unit price and, when available, you will also see Tiered / Tabled rates. These are the volume discounts we offer for clients who want to buy in bulk. Outside of this, prices are ‘Take it or Leave it’.

Do you report any information about transactions to any 3rd party or Government Agency?

No. We do not report ANY transaction details to anyone. All transactions are 100% private EXCEPT for this:  If any single cash transaction is over $10,000 CAD we must comply with Federal FINTRAC laws and are required to submit a form to FINTRAC.

Please read BOTH points of the following excerpt from FINTRAC GUIDELINE 7A, SECTION 3.2 for clarification:

3.2 When does a large cash transaction report have to be made?

If you are a reporting entity as described in section 2, you have to send a large cash transaction report to FINTRAC in the following situations:

  • If you receive an amount of $10,000 or more in cash in the course of a single transaction. Each such transaction must be sent to FINTRAC separately, in its own report.
  • If you receive two or more cash amounts of less than $10,000 each that total $10,000 or more. In this case, if you are an individual, you have to make a large cash transaction report if you know the transactions were made within 24 consecutive hours of each other by or on behalf of the same individual or entity. If you are an entity, you have to make a large cash transaction report if your employee or senior officer knows the transactions were made within 24 consecutive hours of each other by or on behalf of the same individual or entity.

Are all of your products in stock?

Yes. Anything that is shown on our website is in stock and available to be picked up. However, the available quantities of our products can shift quickly so please make sure to be accurate in telling us the amount of product you require in your Appointment Request Form in order to insure that it is available to be picked up the day of your appointment.

Why do some titles of the products you feature say “Pre-Owned” or “Assorted” or “Various-Year” ?

OttawaBullion sells both brand new, untouched bullion directly from refiners and mints AND bullion that has been bought from the public or the secondary market. We guarantee ALL bullion we sell as being authentic and weighing accurately to what is listed.

Pre-Owned: Means that the bullion was bought on the secondary market from the public. Weight and purity are guaranteed but condition and may vary.

Various-Year: Means that we may be selling, for example, a tube of silver maple leaf coins that consist of individual coins from different years, instead of the standard tube of maples from 1 year.

Assorted: Means that we have many different styles of similar products that are not in any specific abundance.  For example, we may acquire several 10oz silver bars made by many different refiners / mints and instead of listing them individually, we will list them as ASSORTED 10oz SILVER .999 BARS

***Unless otherwise listed with the above descriptors in their titles, ALL PRODUCTS ARE NEW & UNTOUCHED – DIRECTLY FROM THE ISSUING MINT / REFINER or from Reputable Wholesale Distributors.***

How can I be assured of the authenticity of the products you are selling?

Everything we sell is guaranteed to be authentic, from the new & untouched bullion to the bullion we buy from the secondary market. We buy new bullion from only the most reputable and respected Mints, Refineries and Distributors. Anything we buy from the public is examined and weighed to ensure authenticity and quality before we resell.

OttawaBullion is an Officially Authorized Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer. The Royal Canadian Mint has OttawaBullion listed on their website accordingly:  CLICK HERE TO CHECK

I am concerned about my safety during the whole process. What assurances can you provide me that my experience with OttawaBullion will be a safe and comfortable one?

We are located within a secured building that features 24-hour security guard protection. Furthermore, the building has multi-layered surveillance that monitors all levels of activity throughout the premise.

In addition to this, OttawaBullion’s office is located on the 11th floor, which has its own security measures that run independently of those listed above. And finally, OttawaBullion itself has its own security methods in place, including monitored CCTV and live-streaming /recorded surveillance.

Even the free parking lot for our clients is monitored to insure the safest possible experience both coming to, and leaving from our appointments.

How Do I Know How Much I Will Get Paid For My Bullion?